According to the results of a recent THC genetics test, I risk a 40 per cent reduction in short-term memory when using THC.

Like 30 per cent of the population, I have difficulty paying attention to insubstantial things when I’m high. Sorry, what’s your name again? Where are my keys? What was I searching on Google?

About a week after my cheek swab by Lobo Genetics, which took place at a cannabis event in September, the company emailed me the results and a variety of strain preferences.

Lobo Genetics is a Toronto-based healthcare technology company founded in 2018 with the goal of helping people make informed choices around cannabis. Among several product recommendations — depending on the effect I was going for — Spark Stix by Trailblazer stood out. I liked the name, to be honest. This blend of Sativa-dominant strains from Moncton, N.B. also features 10 to 15 percent THC, has a reputation for making users feel happy, and comes in a pre-rolled-format.

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I spark the stick at 8:06 a.m. and a sweet, earthy aroma fills my kitchen. At 8:10, an uplifting buzz saunters in and grabs a chair behind my eyes. Part of me wants to extinguish the joint about halfway through at 8:12 but I keep pulling like I have no plans except to feel happy and not be forgetful at the same time. After the final exhale, approximately six minutes later, I don’t feel like I can sit and write as usual, but I actually do, following a short spell of some weird and random thoughts: Will retail cannabis shops ever sell gift cards? Is it possible to get rich one day by making fragrances with terpenes? How about Cultivate by K — a slightly spicy and sensual masculine scent with hints of clove, mango, and bay laurel leaves? May cause happiness… may reduce inflammation… perfect for all occasions… available at various retail stores across Canada. That’s basically a Spark Stix. But then I quickly move on. My idea for a name is super lame and Gucci’s nose is probably already all over this anyway. By 10:15 the Trailblazer in me has trickled out.

In addition to its uplifting effects, Trailblazer’s Spark Stix is also known to act as a weapon against free radicals, a slow metabolism, and cancer. Overall my experience was positive: two happy hours are better than one and no forgetfulness. That I can remember.