Cut & Dried Strain Review: Royal Highness

By Karen Lloyd
Published: October 19, 2020
Key Takeaways

Who needs a workout buddy when you can have a puff of Royal Highness?

There’s something highly entertaining about exercising with a buzz.


After a few fragrant puffs of the earthy, sweet and super-potent Royal Highness by Good Supply, I decided to go ahead with my morning workout routine, rather than sit back and let it sink in.

Remarkably, I found myself on the floor performing push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, all with extraordinary ease. Possibly delight. You don’t even realize how boring (or painful) your workout is, which makes sense considering cannabis consumption is known to reduce inflammation and help manage pain. That, and a faster heart rate, can apparently increase the intensity of your high.


Photograph of Royal Highness strain from Good Supply CannabisRoyal Highness from Good Supply | Source:

According to an LA Weekly article, a study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence suggests exercise can increase THC levels by 15 percent. The research found that exercise enhances plasma THC levels in regular cannabis users by releasing dormant THC from fat stores.

Is that like the entourage effect? With Royal Highness, which boasts 20-29 percent THC, I’m sure there were a few times I lost count of what I was doing and did more reps than intended, especially near the end.


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While Royal Highness is a hybrid strain, I’d say it leaned more towards sativa — uplifting and energetic — better for running than resting, so to speak. After my weed-infused workout, I flew around my apartment cleaning and then I gardened.


Woman jogging in front of a cloud of cannabis smoke.

In total, the effects of just a quarter of a gram lasted for just over a couple of hours.

The bright green and frosty Royal Highness strain is greenhouse-grown and hand-groomed in Leamington, Ont. Despite the high levels of THC in this strain, I experienced no paranoia or anxiety. Instead, my thoughts were rather lucid and light.

Full-flavored and smooth, Royal Highness features myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene in its terpene profile for a unique fruity and spicy taste.

Royal Highness is available in pre-rolled and dried flower formats. I bought the pre-roll, which was enough to get me through four incredible workouts.


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Written by Karen Lloyd | Freelance Writer, Digital Marketing Expert

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Karen Lloyd is a freelance writer, digital marketing expert and hippy at heart in the city with a small studio, spacious deck and enormous passion for all things cannabis, urban gardening and food equity in Toronto.

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