Souris Skies is a wonderful, indica-dominant strain from Canada’s Island Garden (CIG). It is part of their Craftgrow Collection and is grown on Canada’s east coast in small batches. This boutique bud has THC levels ranging from 10-14 per cent and CBD levels measuring less than one per cent. Souris Skies is rich in a variety of terpenes such as myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

The buds may be small, however, Souris Skies is a very eye-catching strain. The compact buds have a thick coating of orange hairs and shimmer with crystals like frost on a windshield.

The scent profile is mostly earthy with notes of pine and leather. CIG has perfectly cured their Souris Skies and it breaks up so easily.

My preferred method of cannabis consumption is vaporization. Souris Skies vaporizes as smooth as butter. I had a terrible cough and sore throat while writing this review and this was the only strain that didn’t hurt or irritate my throat to vaporize. It even helped with my congestion. Souris Skies is extremely calming, with a light body buzz, and mild dry mouth. The effects last about two hours with a clean come down. I would recommend it for evening and nighttime use, although it is mild enough to use during the day.

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Souris Skies is best suited for treating insomnia and sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, depression, and can improve one’s appetite.

Souris Skies is a great strain to cultivate for beginner and advanced cannabis gardeners alike. It has the classic shape of an indica: short, squat, and under 30 inches in height, making Souris Skies an ideal candidate for indoor gardens. Flowering lasts between seven and nine weeks after which you will reap a high yield for such small plants.

Overall, I enjoy Souris Skies a lot. It really hits the spot when you are looking for something effective but not too strong.