Strain Review: Cannatonic

By Rachel Wilde
Published: December 14, 2018 | Last updated: May 11, 2021 05:47:40
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Rachel Wilde gives her opinion of a lesser-known cannabis strain, Cannatonic. The strain is best known for its high CBD content.

I dangle 30 feet above the ground, flying on adrenaline. There’s a rope to arrest my fall, should it happen, but the thin cordage isn’t helping me climb up the plastic rocks. That job falls on my back, legs, and chalked up fingers. Giving up isn’t an option—I’ve been projecting this route for weeks—so I twist my body and reach. I push past the purple sloper to the blue jug and onto the top of the world. Well, the top of the indoor climbing wall. I feel like nothing could stop me.


How wrong I am.

The Effects of Cannatonic

My body petrifies as I cycle home. Shoulder checks and quick stops become impossible, and I start to dread the last 10 minutes of my ride. Without the protection of the bike lane I’m currently on, I’ll be at risk of ending up shattered in a ditch.


After watching me hobble up the hill to our apartment, my partner greets me with a sympathetic hug. She understands my struggle exactly; her long, physically demanding days at work often send her home stressed out and stooped in pain. So, she offers me her stash of Cannatonic.

A cross between a female MK Ultra indica and G13 Haze male hybrid, Cannatonic is one of the original high-CBD strains. First bred by Resin Seeds and debuted at Spannabis 2008, this medicinal strain often clocks in at six to 17 percent cannabidiol (CBD). Though it also contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), those levels rarely surpass six percent.

I choose a small, elongated flower. A nice trichome frost complements its light green and orange hues. Grinding up the medium-density bud releases an earthy, almost grassy smell. I fill the vaporizer and take a tasty, woodsy-citrus draw.


A few minutes later, the pain just melts away. There’s no sativa high, no indica fog; just a mild warmth through my muscles and a gentle tingle along my scalp. It’s as if I had gone to yoga instead of the climbing gym. I also feel a lot happier. Whether my new sunny outlook is thanks to the weed or the fact I don’t hurt anymore, though, I don’t know.

I go about my day, blissfully relaxed, as Cannatonic works its quiet power. My mouth is a little dry, but I need the water anyway. Though my back stiffens up again when the effects wear off a short couple hours later, I’m not in as much pain. Still, I fire up the vape again to take the edge off. With medicine this powerful and a high this mellow, I have no problem smoking the day away.


Cannatonic Grow Info

Cannatonic is a moderately difficult strain to cultivate. It is prone to mold and mildew issues, meaning it needs warm and dry environmental conditions to thrive. These limitations make Cannatonic a good candidate for indoor production as the climate can be more carefully controlled. The medium-sized plants also need to be well-spaced and pruned properly to promote good air flow. On the plus side, Cannatonic is generally resistant to pests and disease. It is also a relatively generous strain. A good grow can produce 500 grams (18 ounces) per square meter indoors and 250–400 grams (9–14 ounces) per square meter outdoors. Plants usually flower in nine to 10 weeks, with harvest occurring in October when grown outside.


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Written by Rachel Wilde

Profile Picture of Rachel Wilde

Rachel Wilde is a Canadian freelance writer who regularly uses cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

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