Strain Review: Broken Coast Cannabis Sour OG

By Billy Bishop
Published: February 16, 2017 | Last updated: April 9, 2021 04:52:48
Key Takeaways

Sour OG’s very high THC content (more than 25 per cent) provides an uplifting and relaxing emotional high paired with a pain dampening body buzz. This may be my favorite strain ever. Really. It’s got everything I ever wanted in a bud. And more.

Personally, this strain’s effects on a wide spectrum of medical conditions is outstanding. Under simple test conditions, Sour OG was used as a treatment for the complex web of symptoms associated with post-concussion syndrome. The results of our tests revealed that the pain management side of Sour OG is truly outstanding. And surprisingly fast-acting.


Its muscle relaxant side, also very effective at treating symptoms of IBS, made damaged neck muscles and nerves relax within a very short time. So it is with some surprise that Broken Coast’s Sour OG also gives the most satisfying and uplifting emotional high possible. This is really the finest point of this strain as a medicinal treatment; its boundlessly joyful emotional high helps with the psychological stress and mood imbalances caused by long term injury or medical conditions. This is possibly the most uplifting hybrid you will find today.



Sour OG is a genetic cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush which manages to cram the best of both worlds into one tidy bud.

Physical description

Darker green with a strong frosting of well-developed, highly visible trichomes. Dark purple leaves with caramel highlights at the tips look delicious. Large, dense and sticky clusters of well-shaped colas are packed together in a complicated branching structure. These are the definition of pretty nugs.



Strong but nuanced odor with subtle sour chlorophyll notes at the high end and a sweet, burned caramel/vanilla at the low end. Nuances of green tea and cucumber. These amazing and complex fumes burst out of the canister and filled the room with a sour piney haze when first opened. This odor turned smooth and earthy as it began to produce smoke. End result: mouth watering.



The initial taste was smooth and mild with strong diesel tones undercut with a citrus sourness. The piney smell when fresh quickly morphs into a hot buttered popcorn flavor once smoked. There is clearly a high level of complex terpines in Sour OG. This taste only gets more complex and caramel-like as it settles into your taste buds.


My favorite strain yet from my favorite medical provider. With the development of this Sour OG, Broken Coast Cannabis has outdone themselves yet again. This bud is tasty, strong, effective and, most of all, uplifting.

Grown under the strictest environmental controls at Broken Coasts Cannabis’ facility, Sour OG represents the best of available medicinal options and is exemplary of the very high standards Broken Coast holds itself to. Broken Coast Cannabis is a medical marijuana producer based in British Columbia, licensed under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and adhering to the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Broken Coast Cannabis recognizes that medicinal cannabis provides many people with natural and effective relief from a variety of adverse medical conditions. They are committed to providing fast, reliable service and providing their clients with a wide variety of the highest quality marijuana strains at competitive prices. Their strain catalogue is regularly audited and updated to include the latest improvements in medical marijuana genetics.

All Broken Coast Cannabis products are extensively tested to ensure they are pesticide and fungicide free, free from harmful heavy metals and harmful pathogens. Their medical-grade marijuana is grown and cured under strictly controlled environmental conditions. This results in the cleanest, highest grade product possible, and offers the most effective relief patients.

Please note: The tester for this strain suffers from extended post-concussion syndrome. This is a complex disorder in which various symptoms including headaches, nausea, dizziness and depression can last for weeks, months or years after the injury that caused the concussion.


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Written by Billy Bishop

Profile Picture of Billy Bishop
Billy Bishop is a writer, designer, and cannabis industry consultant from the west coast of Canada. He has a life long passion for cannabis both as a recreational and as a medicinal user.

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