Strain Review: Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

By Tony van Liefde
Published: October 29, 2018 | Last updated: April 23, 2021 01:06:33
Key Takeaways

Auto Brooklyn Sunshine is a well-balanced hybrid strain bred by Dutch Passion that smells so good you’ll want to burp your nugs every day.

Genetic Origin

The idea for Auto Brooklyn Sunrise started when Dutch Passion came across an impressive East Coast diesel clone known as the Brooklyn Cut. It had the compulsory high THC levels as well as a pleasant and bag-penetrating rich diesel aroma.


At the time, some thought was given to creating a photoperiod diesel variety with the clone. Instead, the team got a better result when the Brooklyn Cut was crossed with some AK genetics from upper New York state and then crossed and stabilized as an autoflowering variety.

Up Close and Personal

Auto Brooklyn buds have flashes of lime green on an underlying khaki-green hue. Buds are firm to the pinch, and like all decent-quality modern autos, they have a sticky resin finish and are indistinguishable from photoperiod buds in appearance and effect. When you squeeze them next to your nose, they release a nice micro-whiff of skunky fuel goodness.


While the first impression is of the diesel origins, you will sense some berry and citrus if you give your nose a little longer to dwell on the smell. It's a complex yet pleasant jar of spicy scents and its one of those varieties that you will enjoy smelling even if you don’t have time for a smoke. Those jars need regular burping anyway, right?

Physical and Psychological Effects

With THC levels of 20+ percent, this strain is a happy, feel-good smoke with a strong, fast-hitting high and a very soothing physical effect. The high arrives first and it comes with a certain euphoria and relaxation as if worries and troubles have been temporarily banned. It will feel familiar to those that have enjoyed a good-quality Skunk variety with a heavyweight body stone.

Auto Brooklyn, however, is a balanced 50/50 indica/sativa variety with a long-lasting high. The variety got its name after some of the early smoke test team noted it was an exceptional wake and bake variety, providing an exhilarating, happy high that proved a perfect start to the day (although, be assured it can be enjoyed at any time of day).


Another attribute of this variety is a raging appetite, especially if you smoke a little too much. It can also be a sleep inducer in the evening if you overload the joint.

Home Growing

Auto Brooklyn is an easy plant to grow at home. It grows normally under 20 hours of light per day, but some people routinely grow this tough auto under 24-hour light from seed to harvest, which takes around 65-70 days indoors. Outdoors, this variety will take longer, around 85 days.


Auto Brooklyn grows with a dominant central bloom, which is usually surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller blooms. Under optimum growing and lighting conditions, it will yield heavily. In hydro, growers can expect several hundred grams per plant.

While the yield is impressive, it’s the quality of the smoke that is the main reason for repeat growers.


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Written by Tony van Liefde | Breeder

Profile Picture of Tony van Liefde

Tony van Liefde has been part of the Dutch Passion Seed Company for 10 years, with a lifelong love of the cannabis plant and cannabis breeding. He has a particular interest in the evolution of autoflowering cannabis, selective breeding of varieties rich in minor cannabinoids, and unusual genetic lines. His ambition is to see cannabis widely legalized and made available as a mainstream medicine.

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