Skye Hanke


Skye Hanke is a third-generation grower. For the past 15 years, he has worked with indoor gardening companies on brand development and product design with a special focus on new technology development. His industry experience has allowed him to identify and solve problems that occur in indoor gardens and he has designed several custom processes to help growers increase productivity and consistency.

Articles by Skye Hanke

  • Image for Automation in the Growroom: Part 2

    Automation in the Growroom: Part 2

    Networked gardens offer the ability to control the growing environment from your mobile device, ensuring everything runs smoothly even when you are not there.

  • Image for Automation in the Growroom

    Automation in the Growroom

    Frankly, the time you devote to babysitting your growroom is counter-productive to the life your systems are supposed to be making easier. This article notes some of the...

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