Rachel Wilde


Rachel Wilde is a Canadian freelance writer who regularly uses cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Articles by Rachel Wilde

  • Image for Strain Review: Cannatonic

    Strain Review: Cannatonic

    Rachel Wilde gives her opinion of a lesser-known cannabis strain, Cannatonic. The strain is best known for its high CBD content.

  • Image for Strain Review: Durban Poison

    Strain Review: Durban Poison

    In need of a boost, our hybrid-loving author tries out a classic, pure sativa: Durban Poison. Here’s what went down.

  • Image for Strain Review: Critical Mass

    Strain Review: Critical Mass

    Named for its huge branch-breaking buds, Critical Mass is an indica-heavy hybrid that novice cannabis enthusiasts will find easy to grow, but perhaps a little hard to...

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