Peggy Bradley

Engineer, Founder of Institute of Simplified Hydroponics


Peggy Bradley has a Masters degree in civil engineering and used to own her own hydroponics business until she switched focus and became the founder of the Institute of Simplified Hydroponics, a US non-profit. Since 1995, Peggy has worked on creating and teaching simplified hydroponic systems to help people living in impoverished nations.

Articles by Peggy Bradley

  • Image for Exploring the Fuller Dome as a Biosphere Home

    Exploring the Fuller Dome as a Biosphere Home

    In 1965, architect Buckminster Fuller designed a futuristic dome that today could be used as a greenhouse on Mars or as a home here on Earth.

  • Image for Treating Epilepsy with CBD-A from Live Leaves

    Treating Epilepsy with CBD-A from Live Leaves

    Maximum Yield writer Peggy Bradley suffers from epilepsy and has discovered a reliable at-home method to curb her seizures.

  • Image for Sweet on Stevia

    Sweet on Stevia

    Used for hundreds of years by other cultures to sweeten food and drinks, stevia has still yet to catch on in the modern North American diet despite obvious health...

  • Image for Progress is Sweet (Potatoes)

    Progress is Sweet (Potatoes)

    For years, researchers have searched for a carbohydrate crop that grows well, efficiently, and reliably in simplified hydroponics. It’s possible the search is over.

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