Michael Coffey

Cannabis Cultivator, Writer, Photographer, & YouTuber


Michael Coffey AKA Top Shelf Grower is a freelance writer, cannabis cultivator, photographer, and videographer. In 2016 he struck out on his own in pursuit of happiness and high strangeness. The Top Shelf Grower channel on YouTube is the genesis of a new kind of cannabis channel, instead of showing-off the channel is designed to entertain ordinary decent stoners and weed lovers all over the World. Moreover, his self-published eBook Cannabis Cultivation A 21st Century Guide is a big bud blueprint created to inspire the first-time grower, enhance the skill set of intermediate growers and challenge advanced growers to push their cannabis cultivation to the limit.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland. Top Shelf Grower now roams the Earth bringing dankness to foreign lands and continues to learn as much as he can about the sacred herb. Aside from reefer related content he has also self-published his first collection of short stories Blue Moon. A contrarian by his own admission he is an unconventional analogue caveman in a digital world. Social media and smartphones are just not his thing and never will be. Weed, writing and working out most definitely are.

This sensimilla savage is on loose somewhere and will continue to create original content until captured or killed. He lives by his own rules and only God can judge him. Just like every other notorious extremist his philosophy is brutally simple: all or nothing. You’re either with him or you’re against him. There is no room for half measures with this man. He will always give 100% to a business, cause, or any venture he believes to be worthwhile. Through his work he hopes to make a positive contribution to humanity and influence you to be bold, brave, and brilliant. Just in case your wondering, of course I was totally baked when I wrote this biography.

Articles by Michael Coffey

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