Kent Gruetzmacher

Writer, Owner of KCG Content


Kent Gruetzmacher MFA is a Colorado-based writer and owner of the writing and marketing firm KCG Content. In this role, he consults small businesses on marketing plans, brand strategy, and digital operations. Kent is also an avid outdoorsman, he spends his time backpacking, hiking, skiing, and trail running throughout the Western U.S. He appreciates critical thinking, historical perspectives, and philosophical dialogues.

Kent has been working in the cannabis and hydroponics space for over a decade. Beginning in California in 2009, he has held positions in cultivation, operations, marketing, and business development. Looking specifically to writing, Kent has worked with many of the leading publications and marketing agencies in the cannabis space. His writing has been recognized by such icons as Steve D’Angelo and Rick Simpson. Even more, Kent has been a key player in developing brand strategy for several startup companies in the cannabis space.

Currently, Kent’s business KCG Content offers a variety of writing and marketing services for small business clients, both inside and outside the cannabis space. These offerings include search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, website creation, brand strategy, and blogging. Kent is excited to continue his progress as a thought leader in the cannabis industry, while also branching out into new fields such as the outdoors space.

Kent has been a writer for Maximum Yield since 2016. Since then, he has had dozens of articles published by the magazine, on topics ranging from cannabis business to controlled environment agriculture (CEA). He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board for Maximum Yield Cannabis magazine, where he contributes valuable insights into the U.S. cannabis and hemp industries.

Articles by Kent Gruetzmacher

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