Jigar Patel

CO-CEO at NorCal Cannabis


Jigar Patel, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NorCal Cannabis, was drawn to the cannabis industry by his love for the plant and its limitless potential over 20 years ago, and has since become a key player in California’s explosive legal market. In leveraging his extensive knowledge of the history and culture of California's cannabis landscape, he has modernized the business practices of a formerly prohibited industry and facilitated the development of one of the most compliant, efficient cannabis operations in California’s history. He has seen the company from inception to its current state and managed a strategic pivot from a high growth revenue company to one emphasizing profit margin while still maintaining sustainable growth. Jigar’s passion for the industry shows not just in the numbers, but also through his work in combating the negative stigma around the industry and fighting for social justice. While he also continues to own and operate his own winery, Jigar Wines, his goal is to leverage his position in California’s market to bring cannabis, its culture, and NorCal’s innovative operational practices to the world.

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