Bryan Traficante & Wiley Geren


Bryan Traficante is one of the co-founders of Garden In Minutes, where he and his family have one mission: making it easier for people to build and grow great gardens. They’re the inventors of the Garden Grid watering system, crafters of modular garden beds, and share their time-saving gardening advice on Facebook, Pinterest, and their blog, aptly named Easy Growing.

Wiley Geren is a passionate writer, teacher, researcher, and entertainment enthusiast. A graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in English and business, he researches and writes gardening articles with Garden In Minutes and technical/academic/creative pieces for Circa Interactive. He is from central Florida where he continues to contribute meaningful, quality content alongside his regular Disney column, The MT Lott Expert.

Articles by Bryan Traficante & Wiley Geren

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