Anthony Domangue

Grower Liaison at FOHSE


Anthony Domangue is a passionate horticulturist with a demonstrated history in large scale cannabis cultivation.

He successfully flowered the highest grade of medical cannabis under FOHSE fixtures while achieving staggering yields in Missouri’s medical program. Anthony also managed the post-harvest crews and their daily operations including the dry and cure, trim and preroll teams in addition to growing the flower. He’s been the final say on quality control during each post-harvest process. Anthony has also consulted indoor and greenhouse cannabis facilities on improving their S.O.Ps and helped troubleshoot issues within the grow.

Anthony worked with culinary herbs, vegetables and fruit trees prior to working with cannabis. Outside of cannabis cultivation, he owned and operated a successful microgreens farm in St. Louis, selling to local restaurants chefs and individuals. Through Anthony’s passion and desire to grow cannabis, he found a deeply-embedded love for horticulture.

Anthony has also built a LinkedIn community of over 9,000 engaged cannabis professionals. Now, he uses his cultivation and content marketing expertise at FOHSE, where he serves as the Social Media Coordinator and one of the Grower Liaisons.

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