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Irrigation & Water Treatment

One of the best ways to ensure your garden is getting the highest-quality water is to filter it before giving it to your plants. Options for doing so include using reverse osmosis (RO) systems, UV filtration systems, and biological filters, all of which can be found in the modern growing directory's water and aeration category.

This category also includes aeration devices such as air stones that are added to the water tank to help aerate (deliver oxygen) to the root zone.

In some regions, the main water supply is not suitable for a hydroponic garden. It can either be too “hard” or too “soft”. In other cases, the local water supply might contain too many contaminates (total dissolved solids) that interfere with the balanced nutrition you’re trying so hard to supply your plants.

If you’re unsure how your water measures up, be sure to test your water quality before getting too far with your indoor garden.

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