Made in the UK, VitaLink is a range of plant nutrients, additives, and growing media for use in both hydroponic systems and soil.

Whether you're just starting out in growing or you're an expert, the VitaLink range will help you achieve the best possible plant health, growth, and yield.

All popular growing techniques are catered for, including hydroponics, coco coir, and soil growing.

The VitaLink product range includes bloom stimulators, coco nutrients, hydroponic additives and coir nutrients as well as many other hydroponic nutrients, additives, and growing media suitable for professional growing.

VitaLink products are designed with the grower in mind to enhance the growth and bloom of plants in order to achieve maximum yield and grow bigger buds.

Products include additives for young plants, calcium and magnesium products, boosting flowering, a plant finisher, fulvic acid additive, a foliar booster, root stimulator, heating additive, a cooling additive and a hydration additive for water stress periods.

VitaLink also carries products for maintaining nutrient balances, such as pH Test Indicators, CF Calibration Fluid, Buffer 4 & 7, pH Down Easy, pH Down, pH Up Easy, and pH Up.

VitaLink Additives include: BioPac Powder, Turbo, Bat Guano, Hydrate, Heat, Chill, PK, RootStim, Foliar, Fulvic, Finale, Buddy, and CalMag.

VitaLink Nutrients include: Hydro MAX, Coir MAX, Earth MAX, PlantStart, and Silicon MAX

VitaLink is proudly distributed in the UK by HydroGarden. Visit our website for more information on how we can help your gardening efforts.

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