Vital Organics Northwest

At Vital Organics Northwest in Eugene, Oregon, we are committed to bringing you the knowledge and products that will help you maximize the vitality of your gardens.

Founded in 2010, we established ourselves as a supplier that stood behind their customers.

In 2012, we added new management that brought both technical expertise and customer service to the table.

We will continue to focus on our customer's needs and bring you the latest technology to create the most vital gardens.

Our core supplier, Vital Earth, has a complete line of soils and organic fertilizers and soil building products. We have teamed with them because they share our philosophies and dedication to quality.

We also sell items premixed blends from:

  • Foxfarm
  • Down to Earth
  • Sungro

Vital Organics Northwest is proud to be serving the Eugene/Springfield area of Oregon. There is an entire biological system supporting the growth of vital, healthy plants that we cannot see. Our sales staff are trained in the application of the products we carry. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can source it for you.

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Featured Location

453 River Ave.
Eugene, Oregon 97404
United States

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