Victory Hydro Gardening

Victory Hydro Gardening is located in Louisville, Colorado. We serve anyone from the hobbyist all the way to the commercial grower!

As many know, Colorado is a place where growing plants has become a major part of this state's economy and identity. However, Colorado's roots in growing and organic farming go deep and it has been a way of life here for decades.

In a time where corporate agriculture has reached a phenomenal scale, factory farming and its agricultural practices are overwhelmingly influencing all sectors of the growing market.

We are even seeing evidence of this in the products and practices marketed to the small home gardener; and we believe that is not a good thing.

We consider ourselves a "conscious grow store", meaning we challenge ourselves and the customer to be mindful of the impact our gardening methods can have on ourselves, our neighbors, the environment around us, and those who consume our produce.

We are here to help educate gardeners and growers alike so they can make better-informed choices about their gardens and farms, working together to create a safer product and healthier environment for all.

We also work hard to stock our store with products from like-minded manufacturers and offer only the best in true organics.

We strive to also carry and support the purest hydroponics nutrients and offer a multitude of growing systems, both hydroponic and organic.

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Featured Location

1387 S. Boulder Rd., Unit D
Louisville, Colorado 80027
United States

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