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ViaTerra LLCTM is your master distributor of Symbiom’s superior mycorrhizal inoculants for North, Central and South America.

SYMBIOM® is a leading, highly reputable biotechnology company, specializing in the production of premium quality mycorrhizae for a wide variety of applications.


Symbiom’s comprehensive line of premium mycorrhizal inoculants includes:

  • high efficacy multi-strain endomycorrhizal formulas and fine concentrates (Symbivit® and MycoLogicTM products)
  • pure, high potency in-vitro formulas for seed coating and subsurface drip irrigation (OffYouGrow® MycoDripTM)
  • unique inoculum for Ericaceous plants (Rhodovit® products)

Most of Symbiom’s agricultural formulas are certified for organic production and all are certified non-GMO. To ensure the highest quality of products, Symbiom employs strict quality control measures.


Symbiom’s line of products is based on cutting-edge research. Our team of scientists are experts in mycorrhizal fungi research, having presented their findings on the benefits of mycorrhizal symbiosis through articles and lectures to the global community for more than 25 years.


Founded in 1999 in the Czech Republic, Symbiom has earned its position as a leader in the industry. It has been involved in many scientific research projects worldwide, while distributing their premium products all around the globe. Symbiom’s products and expertise have been also used in many environmental projects, such as the revegetation of arid or toxic industrial environments.


Together with our team of experts at Symbiom, we are happy to assist you with:

  • private labeling
  • custom blends and formula development
  • reliable testing of mycorrhizal products

Our mission is to offer our customers economical and sustainable solutions and dedicated customer support.

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