Vertical Growth Solutions

Vertical Growth Solutions is better known as VGS Organic. We are a California-based company that provides individuals, families, and businesses with the resources they need to grow and maintain their own organic produce. Our motto is Grow Anywhere.

Our bountiful gardens are a combination of Air-Pot and Tower Garden systems. We believe that raised beds and containers are a gardener's dream come true: From weeding to harvesting, in cool climates and waterlogged soils, raised beds and containers remedy a host of problems.

Growing in raised beds means you don't have to bend over as much, saving on your back. The soil warms faster in spring and drains faster in wet weather. What's not to love?

Our gardens come in all shapes and size, they can be very simple or ornate and super aesthetic. We feature a wide verity of containers raised beds and hydroponic system on our page. Hopefully we can inspire you to experiment with them on your own!

There are a ton of benefits that come along with using the Tower Garden, some of these include:

  • Use 10% of the water and space that traditional gardening or farming would
  • Only use about $0.60 of electricity a month
  • Yields are increased by about 30%
  • The plants grow up to three times faster in the Tower Garden
  • No dirt means no mess and less bugs to worry about

To see some of our successful gardens and partnerships, please follow us on Instagram.

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