Vermicrop Organics

Vermicrop Organics was founded in Grass Valley, California by a small team of forward thinking gardeners. From years of growing in the Sierra foothills we’ve gained an appreciation for not only the fruits of our labor but the incredible environment from which they blossom.

The focus of our product development is improving the horticultural industry with superior inoculants and growing mediums inspired by nature.

However, we are people too, we have wives, kids and animals and care deeply about their health and future. We keep this in mind with every manufactured good we create. I’m sure those in the industry will agree that we’re all on the clock 24/7, it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

At Vermicrop Organics, that couldn’t be more true, we eat, sleep and dream gardening. Total dedication to the growth of our company and devotion to sustainability has brought Vermicrop to where it is today.

None of this would have happened if we didn’t share a sincere passion for growing monster plants with the best aromas and yields possible.

Vermicrop Organics is best known for our soil blends, amendments, compost teas, and fertilizers. VermiSoil, VermiFire, VermiPro, VermiBlend, VermiWorm, VermiLogic, Vermi T Solution, Vermi T Bio Cartridges, and the BioExtractors are some of our top-selling products.

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Featured Location

5050 Arboga Rd.
Olivehurst, California 95961
United States

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