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In horticulture, ventilation refers to the systems and equipment in place that allow for the exchange of stale air for fresh air inside the grow space.

Ventilation is an important aspect of environmental control in any indoor garden because it allows for the removal of excessive heat and humidity, and generally helps provide fresh air (including critical carbon dioxide required by plants) and good airflow for plants.

Ventilation is a key factor of gardening indoors, whether you’re using a greenhouse, portable grow tent, your kitchen’s windowsill, a spare bedroom, or a commercial warehouse. Ventilation companies typically offer grow room operators the following: exhaust fans, oscillating fans, filters, fresh air intakes, odor control solutions, and more.

Ventilation is a large category in the modern growing industry, falling under the larger category of environmental control. Many modern growers also combine ventilation efforts with air-conditioning systems and special lighting reflectors, all of which work together to help improve the growroom environment.

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