Veg Bloom

The VEG+BLOOM formula has been in design and evolving since the 1990s, created by Chris La Rose of Hydroponic Research in San Diego, California. After years of perfecting a simple, optimal recipe Chris was able to share his formula with interested hydroponic gardeners in 2010.

VEG+BLOOM reached a stage of maturity in 2011 and became available to interested buyers. Realizing that there is still room for growth in hydroponic gardening, Hydroponic Research continues to innovate and experiment with new hydroponic solutions in their San Diego laboratories.

VEG+BLOOM is the most advanced, economical, and outstanding hydroponic nutrient formula available.

From rooted cutting to finished flowers, the all-phase, fortified base powder nutrient provides your plants with what they require to reach their genetic potential. Handcrafted in small batches in the hydroponic research laboratory, VEG+BLOOM is a powder nutrient formulated to meet the demands of your garden. With VEG+BLOOM, your grows will be streamlined and your harvests will be heavy.

Quality nutrient production is the most important goal at the hydroponic research laboratory. Using proprietary micronizing and homogenizing equipment, they refine all of the elements to micron sizes that permit them to dissolve completely and cleanly into your hydroponic system. These elements are then combined into a pure formula that is consistent from batch to batch - nothing leaves our facility without being tested for consistency, purity, and effectiveness. The end product is a high quality comprehensive nutrient that meets the demands of your garden.

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4760 Mission Groge Place Ste. B
San Diego, California 92120
United States

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