US Garden

Located in San Gabriel, California, US Garden provides customers with various top brands in hydroponics, such as SunSystem, Hydrofarm, Solis-Tek, EcoPlus, Magdrive, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, and more.

We also offer smaller brands that are just as high of quality.

Our mission is to supply growers in the area with innovative, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use products. Check out our website to give you excellent information on hydroponics products.

We present accurate descriptions on each product that is all reviewed precisely on the content, hence, we ensure that you have selected the right wholesaler to complete your gardening and hydroponics supply.

U.S. Garden is dedicated in providing superior customer service to go with our competitive prices in a wide variety of products all at one place.

We have been serving our World Wide Web customers for many years with hands-on knowledge of the industry. And per the demand on hand we have recently opened up our facilities to the public.

In our 22000 sq ft warehouse we are able to facilitate a diverse shelf of nutrients, lighting fixtures, Ballasts, growing mediums,hydroponic systems, Air climate controllers and much more for all your indoor/outdoor growing needs.

We have numerous experienced consultants to help with anything you may need. Kindly give us a call for any type of consultation and please follow up with our customer rewards including free offer for UPS shipping and local delivery.

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Featured Location

417 Agostinio Rd.
San Gabriel, California 91776
United States

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