Trimming and Pruners Companies

Trimming and Pruners

In the modern growing industry, trimming is a very specific category that includes providers of hand-held trimmers (scissors), right up to manufacturers of commercial-sized industrial machinery.

Trimming differs from pruning in many ways; it is the act of harvesting the most valuable parts of the plant for consumption. There are both wet and dry methods of trimming, and equipment to accommodate both styles. After trimming, growers are left with a pile of leftover trim material, which can be easily converted into usable extracts using a variety of methods.

For most commercial growers, trimming is a tedious and time-consuming task that needs to be streamlined as much as possible. For these growers, automation is an important component in the harvesting process.

Automation devices that streamline the trimming process may resemble hand-held powder tools, while others act like tumble clothes dryers to separate the valuable plant material from the rest of the leaves.

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