The Trim-Daddy is almost like your scissors, but a whole lot quicker and easier. This Handheld Scissor Trimmer offers a unique 5 Blade Scissor System that finishes your trim job with the speed of a machine and the precise quality of the human touch.

Inside is a patent-pending Brushless Motor that is impossible to overheat and is warranted for a year, meaning you can trim for hours on end, only faster. Samples are available to order!

Trim-Daddy is manufactured by the Robust Motor Company, based out of San Francisco bay area. Our team consists of professionals in their field with years of experience in the trimming industry.

We have a distribution warehouse in Concord, CA, where all of product testing, design and distribution takes place. Our founder has been engineering, testing, and perfecting our patent pending motor and the design for the Trim-Daddy for the past 2 years. It is now in production and made to be perfect for the specific use of trimming flowers, herbs and hops in tight areas.

Trim-Daddy Features:

  • Warranted Motor
  • 10,000 hours of trim time
  • More efficient than hand held scissor trimmers
  • Practical return on investment – pays for itself after one hour of use!

Trim-Daddy provides trim pros who trim plants by hand with electrically powered hand held pruners that are engineered to be the longest lasting, best cutting, and overall highest quality on the market.

The ultimate goal of the Trim-Daddy is to make the trim job more efficient by making the work easier on your hands and getting the job done 5-10 times faster.

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