Trans Instruments

Founded in 1991, Trans Instruments is a scientific instruments manufacturer specializing in producing water analytical instruments.

Our instruments include various ranges of pocket size tester and handheld meter for the measurement of pH, conductivity, specific gravity, salinity, TDS, Redox (ORP), dissolved oxygen, and lighting LUX.

All our products are wholly manufactured in Singapore and meet the highest quality standards.

Trans Instruments’ mission is to design, manufacture, and market scientific and instrumentation products meeting the world quality standards and at prices comfortable with our customers.

With our flexibility, we are able to meet the requirements of our customers in terms of product quality, delivery, and price. As such, we have attained the International Standards ISO 9001 status on our manufacturing processes and the facility.

Products sold to European market are CE mark ready and meets EMC requirements. We have a fully integrated manufacturing facility in Singapore with a skillful production workforce.

We have a team of an engineer and a chemist with wide experience on products and are capable of designing new products encompassing fields involving electronic engineering, software design and mechanical engineering.

With such expertise under one roof, we are able to offer product development support from initial product concept, prototype making, to the stage of full production.

Our production has full testing and commissioning facilities for existing as well as new products. We fully conform to the Quality System Standard ISO 9001.

We strive to be the Customer's choice for Quality Products and Services. We are diverse in our marketing strategies as we have served international industries such as the water purification industry, aqua-culture, hydroponics, aquarium, water treatment, laboratory, education and etc.

Currently our products are being sold worldwide in USA, Europe, Japan, South East Asia, Central Asia and East Asia.

Lastly, our business strategy is to appoint exclusive distributors for each industry in every country while Trans Instruments will concentrate its efforts in providing the best quality products and services.

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5 Jalan Kilang Barat #06-04 Petro Centre
Singapore, 159349

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