Tom's Tumble Trimmer

Tom's Tumble Trimmer addresses your need for an efficient, gentle, and cost-effective trimmer. Our product is designed so one person can do the work of 20 people without losing quality.

You don't have to replace your trimmers, but you can do more with less if you have Tom's Tumble Trimmer!

How does Tom’s Tumble Trimmer work? Our patent-pending design is gentle yet extremely effective.

Here is how it works: The weight of the buds themselves tumbling over and onto each other and brushing against the soft mesh netting gently breaks the trim off without hurting the trichomes.

Each bud is beautifully manicured in less than 10 minutes. Our variable speed motor allows you to control the speed of the tumbling action.

After drying your product and removing large fan leaves and stems, place recommended product weight in trimmer using the the 1/2" mesh net first.

Run the trimmer for 5-10 minutes, depending on density, strain and dryness. We recommend the highest speed for most effective trimming. This will trim your medium to large buds with great efficiency. Some smaller buds will pass through the netting with the trim.

Replace the 1/2" mesh net with the 1/4" mesh net and re-run your trim through it. This will isolate your smaller buds while allowing the trim to pash through.

An optional 110-micon keef net is also available. At this point you may have approximately 10-15 per cent of touch up work to do, depending on your product.

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer are for sale on our website, or there are select hydro stores across the USA that also carry our unique products!

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