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Thriving Systems Design are the manufacturers of the C-Bite. Whatever you need your plant support system to do, C-Bite can help make it happen.

Whether you need to expand a trellis, secure netting or create plant cages and enclosures, C-Bite is the flexible and multi-faceted plant and trellis clip that will change the way you approach vertical gardening. Get as clever and creative as you need, knowing that your C-Bite trellis clips will support you and your plants.

Get a Grip on your garden plants with C-Bite. As a patented, innovatively-designed stake grip, C-Bite plant clips allow gardeners and landscapers of any level to organize climbing plants and vines easily and efficiently.

Meant to control and guide climbing plants to suit your space and needs, C-Bite trellis clips connect in a myriad of ways, allowing you to be creative and flexible in your garden design.

Scalable support systems for vines, tomatoes, beans and other trailing plants have never been more flexible in design than with the C-Bite stake grips.

Thriving Systems Design is dedicated to providing the very best quality products and service. Happy customers is our number one goal! We strive to be the best in the industry and innovate our products.

For tomatoes, orchids, hops, peas, grapes and vines, saplings, seedlings, tall flowers and much more: The C-BITE Canopy Management System can help support or train any plant using fewer garden stakes, bamboo poles, and plant ties. Removing your plants from their support at harvest has never been easier!

C-Bite's hooks & holes work with most readily available trellising & plant support products. Clipping together, our trellis grips can hold your stakes in up to three planes allowing you to make rigid cages of any size & shape as well as pre-tie movable support lines and cross members.

C-Bites are manufactured in America from UV- resistant non-virgin plastic. With the same tensile strength as copper, you can rely on this mighty little grip to hold your stakes together and keep your plants supported harvest after harvest.

C-Bites and distributed by BWGS and Sunlight Supply. They are available at garden centers and hydroponics shops across the USA.

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