The Hydro Grow

The Hydro Grow offers great prices, both at our retail and online stores, but it is everything else we do that will allow you to see we are simply a step above the others. Bottom line is we earn your business, we don't expect it.

We are inspired by the new "green" spirit in our nation. People have choices about what goes in and on their food. We are no longer limited to the growing cycles off the sun.

We can now determine how our food is grown. It is our hope and wish that people live healthier, happier lives by making organic food choices.

We know the therapeutic benefits of growing. They include health benefits, the mental and spiritual peace that comes from getting closer to living, growing things. It is a new age out there and we at The Hydro Grow are excited to be a part of it.

The Hydro Grow is committed to platinum level service. We pride ourselves in putting together the most knowledgeable staff in horticulture today. Mistakes can cost you money and set you back months. Join our green thumb club and take the worry out of growing. Loyalty is rewarded at The Hydro Grow.

Our commitment to you is to put your needs ahead of our profits. We do this by first understanding what you are attempting to do and then explain to you the different ways of accomplishing it.

We explain the advantages and disadvantages of products, explain the difference in the products and explain the pricing of the products.

We explain why you do not need the most expensive products to achieve the best results. It is not always the cost of a product or the name brand of the product, many times it comes down to the information, knowledge and expertise of the people selling the product. This is where and why we are the difference!

Store Hours

Mon - Fri: 10 to 8

Sat: 11 to 7

Sun: 11 to 5

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Featured Location

8210 Telegraph Rd.
Taylor, Michigan 48180
United States

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