Terra Hydro Company

Terra Hydro Company is the USA distributor for the Air-Pot.

Container gardening is becoming more and more popular. For outdoor as well as indoor gardening, Air-Pot is quickly becoming the most popular container on the market.

Air-Pot uses a patented design which produces a remarkable radial, non-spiraling root system that simply cannot be matched in any other growing container.

Air-Pot is the only container with a 360° air-pruning design. From the open cones on the Air-Pot wall to the raised, grid base, roots thrive with more oxygen.

Roots drawn to the open cones dehydrate and air-prune. This triggers the plant to produce a dense root system with an enormous number of active white-tipped roots. Healthy roots produce healthy plants.

This air-pruning design makes container gardening a rewarding and satisfying experience.

Use any medium you prefer:

  • Potting soil
  • Coco fiber
  • Rockwool
  • Hydroton
  • Soilless mix

Advantages of using Air-Pots include:

  • Improved root development
  • Improved oxygenation
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Improved plant quality
  • Reduced crop time
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Faster growth rates
  • Healthier plants
  • Higher yields
  • Longer pot life
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