Nutrient Reservoirs and Tanks Companies

Nutrient Reservoirs and Tanks

In a hydroponic system, a nutrient reservoir is used to hold the water and plant nutrients. Reservoirs can be made from almost any type of material, but food-grade, heavy-duty plastic is most common. Find manufacturers of reservoirs and tanks below.

In some systems, the reservoir and plants are housed together, and in other systems, the reservoir is off to the side and relies on tubing and a water pump to delivery nutrients to plant roots at regular intervals.

The size of the tank you need depends on how many plants you have to feed, and what size of water pump you will be using.

Nutrient reservoirs and tanks are an important aspect of the garden to get right. Many growers prefer black or dark-colored tanks to prevent algae growth, but it depends on your climate. You may or may not wish to keep your tanks covered, and some growers also add a water chiller or heater to their system to regulate the temperature of their tanks.

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