Tamisium Extractors Inc.

Tamisium Inc. manufactures botanical extractors and herbal extractors, and our closed passive extractor design solves closed loop extractor issues.

The Intro Table Top TE175 Extractor gives you the best introduction to the world of plant extraction. You not only get an extractor, but you get the education that goes with it. You deserve the best—simple, effective, and safe.

Extract any chemical from 1-3 ounces of any plant materials while recovering the solvents of your choice for indefinite reuse.

There is no need to loop solvent or use pumps of any kind. With thousands of systems sold, there is little question to the safe, effective performance of the Tamisium Extraction System. The Intro Table Top TE175 Extractor comes with a lifetime warranty and lifetime support.

Tamisium Extractors solves closed loop extraction problems and safely brings back the creative genius to each of us using the most capable, cost effective solution that allows the equipment to be used so that all of the compounds in the plant are within reach.

The Table Top Closed Passive Extractor, Botanical Extractor, and Herbal Extractor will allow you to conduct research and test in the privacy of your own home/lab. It is far more economical and easy to use than traditional equipment.

With Tamisium Extractors, you are not just buying a Closed Passive Extractor, which solves closed loop extractor problems, you are buying a process and investing in your well-being and future.

We have several sizes available up to 4 kilo size units. Tamisium Extractors are capable of extracting from 120 pounds, 24 hours on high wattage configuration.

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