T-nou NV

T-nou NV are the Caribbean-based distributors of the Atami line of nutrients and bloom boosters.

Atami products are of a pure quality and highly concentrated. This makes the products economical in use and optimally balanced. In that respect, Atami products can be used for almost any crop.

To be able to respond to the wishes of every grower, the Atami range can be subdivided into three different nutrition lines, namely B'cuzz, ATA and ATA Organics.

  • The B'cuzz has been especially developed for the professional grower who is looking for an optimum return on his crop.
  • The ATA power has been composed for the grower who wants to grow as simply and easily as possible, but not at the expense of the quality of the harvest.
  • The ATA Organics products are a must for the organic grower.

Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular and in this respect the ATA Organics nutrition line is just what the doctor ordered. The environmentally conscious grower who keeps a close eye on the taste and smell of the finished product has good use for it.

Atami BV is heaquartered in the Netherlands, with branches in North America and South America.

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Featured Location

Dutch Caribbean Office

Hoogstraat 18-22
Dominican Republic

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