Supernatural Brand

Supernatural Brand’s high-quality purified minerals for terraponics and hydroponics contains all of the pure essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for optimal control and superior quality.

Our ultra pure Supernatural Brand powdered nutrients provide your plants with unsurpassed nutrition at one-third of the strength of most liquid formulas.

Our powdered minerals and elements are most effective when mixed fresh. When dissolved in water, there is no sediment. You can see the purity for yourself.

We are the producers of Terra-Soil, TerraPot, Air Saucer, Air Tables, Gro Terra, Bloom Terra, Super Boost, Gro Aqua, Bloom Aqua, Ultimate Thrive, Bud Blaster, Super Leach, Superlicious, Excellofizz, and more!

Supernatural Brand, incorporated in 1997, has developed a line of high quality products that work together to provide your plants with an optimal growth environment throughout their entire life cycle.

Our extensive research and development has focused on fusion and maximization of the best of foliar, solid and liquid phase growth techniques. The company's genesis lies in its founder's lifelong passion for growing beautifully clean plants of all types.

Decades worth of experience working with many plant varieties and growth techniques led him to realize that many modern growth techniques have certain drawbacks that prevent plants from reaching their full potential.

The Supernatural Brand product line, from growth medium to plant foods, has been designed precisely to overcome these drawbacks. By providing your plants with optimal growth conditions for their entire life cycle, you will achieve truly impressive results.

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