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Stretch-Ties are an innovative new plant tie that expands as your plant grows. They are fast, more secure than traditional tie methods, and will not harm the plant.

Stretch-Ties keep plants safely supported as they grow. They are easy to apply, as simple and quick to use as a common bread tie. You will no longer need to tie and then re-tie again.

Stretch-Ties are 60% faster than traditional hand tying with tie tape. With Stretch-Ties, there is no need to remove, as they are biodegradable and have a two-year UV stability from sunlight.

Stretch-Tie™ was developed out of necessity. I grew up on a commercial ornamental Nursery starting on a potting bench like most nursery workers.

As years passed I spent many hours using, fighting with, and fixing our tying machines, and hand tying was so slow. There had to be a better way.

After several prototypes, and many years of Patent work, Stretch-Tie™ was born and it is rapidly becoming a standard in many agricultural sectors.

Stretch-Tie™ plant ties are perfect for Trees, Espalier, Trellis, Topiary, Tomatoes, Vines, Hops, Citrus, Christmas lights, and more. Stretch-Tie™ is also degradable.

It is made with Eco-Pure®, an organic additive that accelerates the biodegradation process of plastic products and plastic packaging in a biologically active landfill.

Available in retail and bulk orders.

Stretch-Tie: The Extendable Twist-tie

Grows with Your Plants!

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