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Stealth Garden is Australia's leading purveyor of advanced horticultural supplies. From our humble beginnings in 2007 we have constantly expanded to bring you exclusive new products.

We strive to deliver the best and most durable hydroponic technology to hobby and commercial farmers. We currently wholesale to over 200 retail stores across Australia and New Zealand.

You can find our entire product range at these stores (or request they order in any stock for you; our dispatch team is lightning fast and will usually have it there within 2 working days!)

We are always looking for new retail channels or product opportunities, feel free to get in touch with our team today!

We carry several brands, including House & Garden, Current Culture, Bluelab, FloraFlex, Cloneshipper, EZ Root, Hi-PAR, Great White, Gorilla Grow Tent, Green Pad CO2, HortiVision, Milwaukee, TrimTray, Revolution, Osram, Platinium, Powder Feeding, Trays Grow Systems, Karbon King, Magical Butter, HY-GEN, King Wing, Danish Hydro Trays, Spin Pro, Funk Fighter, and more!

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PO Box 216
Seacliff Park, 5049

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