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Spectrum King LED, the pioneer of Full Spectrum LED grow lights, specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling high-end LED grow lights for the indoor agriculture and horticulture industries. Spectrum King LED is where forward-thinking technology-driven lighting engineers to intersect with gardeners who have multiple decades of experience. As many of us here at SKLED are veteran growers, we create grow lights for growers by growers.

Built with durable, high-quality parts, Spectrum King LED grow lights use less energy and create less heat, which saves you moneyed promotes eco-friendly growing. The full spectrum light leads to stronger, healthier plants and greater harvest.

As an innovative tech company, Spectrum King LED invests in all the latest technological developments along with actual live plant study. Based in California, the Spectrum King LED’s facility consists over 10000 sqft of warehouse with automated robotic machinery, injection molding, assembly benches and actual grow rooms for research and development. Another part of the headquarters is the testing area where extensive live testing under various environmental conditions is done with each grow light. SKLED tests, tortures and then repeat to insure the release of a new efficient grow light customers can use it with confidence.

Spectrum King LED grow lights are listed by ETL in conformance with UL standards, CE and RoHS, ensuring safe and dependable operation. SKLED grow lights are IP65 certified, which signifies the grow lights are safe for use in wet and humid environments.

Weather you are a home grower or commercial grower, if you use grow lights for medical marijuana or for indoor garden of spices, take a look at Spectrum King LED line of full spectrum LED grow lights and accessories.

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