Soil and Soil Amendments Companies

Soil and Soil Amendments

Today’s products on the market for perfecting soil gardening have never been more diverse or effective. Presented in the soil and soil amendments category you will find numerous suppliers who either sell the soil, sell the amendments, or sell both. Some companies also give the grower the option of customizing their own blends right on site at the yard.

Much of the soil available today is already amended with key ingredients to get your plants off to a good start, but once that initial nutrient charge wears off, you need to amend the soil using organic or inorganic additives meant to improve soil conditions.

Compost and manure are commonly used soil amendments, while limestone is a commonly used amendment for acid soils, and gypsum or pine straw will create a more acidic soil.

Some additional key words to research in the soil amendment category include: gypsum, potash, rock dust, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, guano, kelp, fish emulsion, biochar, and perlite.

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