Scrogger is the US manufacturer of the P SCROG, a portable and adjustable ScrOG growing kit. P SCROG benefits include maximizing crop yield and minimizing plant space.

This growing kit easily facilitates low stress training (bending, tucking and weaving) techniques to grow short, horizontal plants with all bud sites in the optimal light intensity.

Lollipoping and topping are also simplified with the P SCROG.

There are several variations of the P SCROG:

  • P SCROG Primary (single screen) - For overhead space restrictions and smaller flower profile strains.
  • P SCROG Pro (two screen) - less restrictive overhead environments and for flowers that require second tier support.
  • P SCROG 4x4 & 2x4 are a modular design allowing individual plant care within a 2'x4' and 4'x4' footprint.
  • P SCROG Upgrade Kit provides the parts necessary to upgrade from a single screen P SCROG to a double screen P SCROG.

The P SCROG System is the world's first commercially available completely portable and adjustable ScrOG (Screen of Green). The P SCROG assembles around a large array of round and square grower supplied containers. P SCROG treats plants individually, optimizing each plant and strain potential.

Additional Features:

  • Polycarbonate (PC) Screen
  • Clear - substantially all light transfers to plant canopy, better light transfer than some glass, little to no light transfer degradation with age
  • Durable - high impact resistance, high temperature tolerance profile, flexible
  • Rigid - improved planar training surface over netting, wire or steel racking material
  • Memory - holds shape
  • Fits within logical grow space footprints while leaving space for growers' hands, overgrowth and ease of portability
  • Five-year warranty
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