Rough Brothers

Whether commercial greenhouses, garden centers, education greenhouses, research greenhouses, or conservatories, Rough Brothers brings industry leading experience and know-how to the project.

RBI's design and engineering capability as it relates to commercial greenhouse manufacturing and construction is backed up by decades of experience and thousands of successfully completed projects.

Engaging Rough Brothers as an active participant in your commercial greenhouse or conservatory design team is instrumental in ensuring a successfully completed project.

The dedicated and enthusiastic professionals at RBI will help ensure that the design, the manufactured product, and the completed construction yield a fully functional commercial production greenhouse, garden center, educational greenhouse, or conservatory.

Selecting your greenhouse or conservatory supplier is a critically important initial step in the overall process. With the selection of Rough Brothers you have more than 80 years of successfully completed project history working for you.

The Rough Brothers' team will work to create a sustainable conservatory or commercial greenhouse design that allows for ease of use, an extended service life, energy efficiency, and overall low maintenance requirements.

Whether for new construction or renovation of an existing facility, RBI personnel are anxious to develop the AutoCAD drawings, specifications, and associated details, as well as offer sustainable design solutions, value engineering, and construction scheduling for any commercial greenhouse, garden center, education greenhouse, research greenhouse, or conservatory.

For industry knowledge, first-hand greenhouse experience, quality built products, and exceptional project management services, RBI/Rough Brothers is the absolute right choice to bring your project in on time and at budget!

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Featured Location

5513 Vine St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45217
United States

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