Rooting Hormones Companies

Rooting Hormones

In the modern growing industry, rooting hormones are popular products used during the propagation stage of new plants, either young seedlings or stem cuttings.

Rooting hormones are a combination of plant growth hormones that come in either powder, gel, or liquid form. They are used to increase the chance of successful plant rooting and can also help to produce roots of higher quality.

Many growers prefer to use rooting hormones in a gel or talc-based powder form, as powder rooting solutions take a longer time to prepare, given that they require dilution before applying.

There are an increasingly larger number of rooting hormone manufacturers entering the indoor growing market to cater to soil growers, organic growers, hydroponics enthusiasts, and so on. These products are either organically or synthetically sourced. Dosage rates must be followed carefully; it is important to understand the rooting hormones and their effects on specific plant genes before use.

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