Reverse Osmosis Companies

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis companies in the modern grower's trade directory include the manufacturers of reverse osmosis water filtration equipment. RO systems come in different flow rates and sizes to suite the needs of a wide variety of growers.

The process of reverse osmosis (RO), which is typically done through a specialized filtration system, is used to make water clean and pure so it's better suited for irrigation.

In fact, reverse osmosis removes all the dissolved solids in one's water supply, which encourages the plants to absorb more nutrients from the soil, rather than any harmful particles in the water supply.

RO systems are easy to use, energy efficient, and often pay for themselves quickly through the better yields a farmer will see. However, not all growers require RO systems for their irrigation purposes. It's a good idea to get your household's tap water tested before looking into getting an RO system set up.

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