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Urban Grow Systems is a hydroponics shop located in Santa Barbara, California. We have been locally owned and operated since October 2007, much... Learn More
Est. 2010, Urban Organics & Hydroponics in Maryland has been offering supplies and knowledge for all kinds of growers: Organic, Hydroponic, Aquaponic... Learn More
Urban Roots is an organic and hydroponic garden supply in the Tampa Bay area. With 10+ years experience and knowledge in all growing applications, we... Learn More
Located in San Gabriel, California, US Garden provides customers with various top brands in hydroponics, such as SunSystem, Hydrofarm, Solis-Tek,... Learn More
Victory Hydro Gardening is located in Louisville, Colorado. We serve anyone from the hobbyist all the way to the commercial grower! As many know,... Learn More
At Vital Organics Northwest in Eugene, Oregon, we are committed to bringing you the knowledge and products that will help you maximize the vitality... Learn More
Wattage House, now with two locations, is a retail and wholesale hydroponics and garden shop. Wattage House is SW Michigan's Premier Hydroponics and... Learn More
The West Coast Hydroponic Garden Shop can be considered the most helpful and friendly hydroponics store in Kamloops, BC. When we were introduced to... Learn More

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