Welcome to Reiziger. The first hydroponic solutions for craftsmen. Formulated from the original recipes at the legendary Seed Bank of Holland in the 1980s, Reiziger rewards the hydroponic craftsman with unapparelled fruit and flower size with an enhanced flavour and aroma. Free of contaminants and derived from ultrapure nutritive Dutch ingredients, Reiziger solutions are the choice of master craftsmen since 1984.

Reiziger Boosters, Nutrients, and Substrates

In the early 1980s, the Seed Bank of Holland pioneered a revolutionary approach to breeding and set a new benchmark in plant cultivation, assisted by the use of specialized nutrient formulations.

Kept a closely guarded secret and handed down from one generation of Dutch craftsmen to the next, Reiziger is born from these original recipes, giving them a heritage that delivers the same exceptional yields and flawless quality attained by Dutch breeders and growers for over 30 years.

Reiziger’s boosters, nutrients, and substrates are alive with pioneering know-how to help enhance the cultivation of all fruiting and flowering plants. They offer demanding craftsmen exactly what they need to afford magnificent harvests.

Forward-thinking formulation and a host of unseen technologies make Reiziger modern and dynamic. Their endless surge of power and invigoration set them streets apart from others.

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Featured Location

Netherlands Office

De Cuserstraat 93
Amsterdam, 1081

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Additional Locations

  • Australasian Office

    GPO Box 4810
    Melbourne, VIC, 3001

  • USA Office

    555 West 5th Street
    Los Angeles, California 90013
    United States

  • Australasian Distributor

    Holland Gardening Co.
    PO Box 1626
    Subiaco, WA, 6904

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