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Reflective Material

In the modern growing industry, there is specific reflective material available that has been designed specifically for use in indoor grow room and grow tents. The reflective material category includes the makers of everything from the metals in reflector hoods, to films, non-woven fibrous sheets and paints.

Many materials reflect light and can be used to redirect light energy onto plants in a grow space or grow room. Some are more effective than others, and a few have been developed especially for horticultural applications.

For example, some embossed reflective surfaces designed for indoor gardens bounce light using faceted diamond, hammered, or other dimensional textures for more diffuse coverage and less risk of creating hot spots.

This is distinct from specular or flat reflective surfaces that need to be smooth and clean to remain effective. By some estimates, reflective materials working in concert with an efficient set-up can increase light efficiency by up to 30%.

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