Red Frog Compost Teas

Red Frog Compost Teas facilities are in the heart of California's Central Coast.

Located in San Luis Obispo County, all of Red Frogs products are produced in Templeton, California, and made to the highest standard in the industry.

We ship all of our products nationwide and service farmers and gardeners around the world.

Red Frog produces the very best Compost Teas along with worm casting, hydroponic and compost tea defusers, along with all natural fertilizers.

Red Frog Compost Teas was created with one simple goal in mind, producing the best compost teas and hydroponic air stones on the market.

We believe we have accomplished this with our compost teas through the use of superior ingredients that give our compost tea the highest amounts of beneficial bacteria, fungus, and protozoa.

We don't stop there however; we add hundreds of trace minerals and elements to our compost teas to give your plants the very best food sources.

We are proud of our ingredients and we encourage you to compare Red Frog Compost Teas ingredients with any other compost tea on the market.

Bring Your Soil to Life!

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Featured Location

7481 Kingsbury Road
Templeton, California 93465
United States

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