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At PureAg Products, we have spent the last 10 years developing products that act in concert with nature. Our approach involves a marriage between science and nature. We apply the science of soil ecology to the practices of agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, turf management, and virtually every other commercial growing operation.

For PureAg Microbiology products, we begin with specifically selected bacteria that have been isolated from highly fertile soils and exhibit the optimum ability to produce the maximum enzymes. They must also be able to adapt to many different soil conditions and provide unique abilities to fix both atmospheric and synthetic (chemical) nitrogen.

These organisms are then custom fermented (laboratory grown) under aseptic conditions to provide a pure culture. We blend in the secondary micro-biologic species to insure as wide a spectrum of soil bacteria and fungi as possible to maintain our efficacy.

When this culture is combined with other soil amendments and applied to the soil, indigenous bacteria multiply and grow very rapidly. As the biological health of the soil improves, minerals become more available to the plants and uptake is increased. In the case of nitrogen utilization, volatilization (gaseous escape) is greatly reduced and the leaching (run off and seepage into the water-table) is almost eliminated.

PureAg Products Green Chemistry products are formulated using a proprietary colloidal chemistry process which produces a truly unique product. Food grade ingredients are processed to form a particle called a micelle. This micelle is the active ingredient in our products.

The colloidal cleaners are completely safe to use. They need no WHMIS training, or special handling or storage requirements, and biodegrade completely within 28 days.

The PureAg approach allows growers to enhance and fine-tune their soil ecology to match the crop they are growing. By getting the biology right, growers provide their plants with an ideal environment so the plants thrive, diseases dwindle, pests retreat, and overall productivity increases.

PureAg believes all farming needs to be sustainable. That’s why it is essential that our products are ecologically sound. We must preserve the resource base that sustains us all. A­fter all, we are just stewards of the earth. These are our passions and the driving forces behind the design of our products.

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