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Pure Nutrients is a Colorado owned company and a subsidiary of Best6consulting. All of us at Pure Nutrients are growers. Our 3-Way foliage spray was developed from our own need.

We personally used the leading “natural pesticides” and found ourselves creating different problems while we fixed another. We would kill a mite that was ravaging our crop, then create an environment for Molds and Mildews.

We push our produce further then ever demanding huge yields. This requires healthy, strong foliage. Leaves are solar panels that get us to harvest. They require nutrition.

Our thought process is this: If we are fighting bugs, we don’t want to poison ourselves, so it has to be natural. If we are getting a plant wet, we don’t want to create an enviorment for mildews and molds, so it must be an anti-fungal that prevents mildew and other fungus.

This brought us to finding an anti-fungal that wouldn’t make our product taste or smell bad and at the same time be healthy for ourselves and our customers.

Our search was arduous. We are happy to report that we came up with Pure 3-way. We are also happy to announce the addition of So Grow and Kapow to our product lineup.

We are a small family company. We value your business and input. Our mission is to grow it bigger, better and greener. We are truly what we put in our bodies.

About Pure 3-Way

Pure 3-Way kills all leaf dwelling insects on contact as well as molds and mildew. For serious problems and infestations, we recommend saturation of the leaves. We recommend rinsing 24 hours later but that is up to grower (we never do). Use up until first month of flower and fruit.

We list this product not for food only because a small segment of the population has some allergies to fish or fish byproducts. These products are completely safe for food otherwise.

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PO Box 2201
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80034
United States

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