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The publications category of modern growing includes books, magazines, and additional resources available to growers of all levels. The hydroponics and indoor growing community is a tight-knit group of people all passionate about the same thing: maximizing yields while living a more sustainable lifestyle. The publications below help them achieve their goals.

Much of the industry provides this information for free, but when free advice from free trade magazines, online blogs, and internet forums are no longer enough, there are full-production publications out there available at large bookstore chains in addition to garden centers around the word.

Many of the publications serving the indoor growing industry focus on new products, new growing techniques, ways to improve existing techniques, and tips for improving a garden's performance quickly and effectively.

If you need a bit of inspiration and advice when it comes to your yields, take the time to research how to boost your efforts using the publications listed below.

The Environment Celebration Institute is a non-profit tax-exempt organization to further environmental awareness and appreciation of our natural... Learn More
Mama Publishing are the publishers of Hydroponics for Everybody, written by William Texier of General Hydroponics Europe. Hydroponics for Everybody... Learn More
Since 1998, Maximum Yield has been the go-to source of information on controlled-environment cultivation for hobby and professional growers around... Learn More

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